Way off topic...but very exciting!!

Hello all.

Some of you know me personally, but to most of you I am just a guy who lurks this forum, and makes the occasional humerous (sort of) comment. 

Anyhow, I want to share my good news with everyone.  My wife and I have been working on adopting a girl from China for 3 years, and yesterday we received our referral!!

Her given name is Liu Chun Xi.  Her American name will be Anne Katherine.  We just found this out yesterday, and it looks like we will travel to get her in January.

You can visit our web journal at [url=http://www.youbelong.net/sloan]www.youbelong.net/sloan[/url]

I will be making updates, especially when we travel.

Just wanted to share.  We are really excited!!

Take care everyone.

Congrats Clay!  What great news!!!
Wow, Clay! Amazing. It takes a special set of parents to adopt from overseas. I'm glad you've answered the call.

I look forward to seeing your updates!
That's wonderful news Clay. Congratulations!!
Congratulations Clay.  Lots of hard work and patience are about to pay off.  Best wishes to you and your growing family.
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