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Hey Tapspace,

I finally made the move to Apple, and purchased the new Macbook Aluminum. As a new Mac user, everything is new to me. I've been using VDL2 and Finale (2003, then 2008) for about 4 years on my PC. For now, I'm going to continue using that setup for my arranging, but would like to begin the setup on the Mac. I installed VDL2 with no problems, and able to load an instrument and play the sounds on the Kontackt player keyboard. I use an Oxygen 8 midi control, and ran into a problem getting it to function with VDL2. I've a few things out of the manual in regards to midi setup app on the HD, as well as the setup in VDL2. I used the installer CD for the keyboard, but that did not seem to help. What am I missing?

Additional question, does Finale 2008 work on both PC and Mac? Thanks guys.
First off, are you using VDL 2 or VDL 2.5?

[url=https://www.tapspace.com/support/faq/index.php?action=artikel&cat=3&id=47&artlang=en&highlight=Leopard]Leopard Compatibility[/url]

I would suggest installing the drivers directly from M-Audio's website, since the CD will most likely have outdated drivers.


Additional question, does Finale 2008 work on both PC and Mac? Thanks guys[/quote]

Finale 2008 is supported on Windows XP/Vista and OS 10.4.11/OS 10.5.  If you are on a Leopard (OS 10.5) Mac, you should download the 2008b update to make it fully compatible.

[url=http://finalemusic.com/store/search.aspx?p=2]Finale Updates[/url]

Are you using VDL2 in standalone, or are you using VDL as a AU in Finale?  If you are using it within Finale, you have to setup the keyboard to talk with Finale rather than VDL.  Go to the MIDI/Audio Menu and select MIDI Setup.  What is selected under 'Input' for Finale Channel 1-16?
Thanks for the link to the Updated drivers for the Oxygen 8. That fixed the problem, and the computer could recognize the keyboard. I have not installed Finale yet, but I planned to eventually go the vst route so I don't have the standalone player open while Finale is running. That helped with my PC handling Finale 2008 better. My main concern right now was getting the computer to see when the keyboard was connected, and using it with VDL2.

I'm using VDL 2, not 2.5, and it installed and runs just fine as a standalone program. It loads instruments, and plays them back using both the program keyboard and the midi controller. Its running OS 10.5.5, but I have not run into any compatibility issues.

When I do get Finale 2008, or 2009, I'm sure I'll be back on here with more questions, and purchasing the update to VDL2.5

Glad to hear you're not experiencing trouble with VDL2 (not 2.5) on Leopard. Technically, it's not supported on Leopard, but it's always encouraging to hear of smooth results.
What should look out for as possible signs that VDL2 is not working with Leopard? Or, if I have gotten as far as fully installed, I shouldn't have problems?

VDL 2.5 (The Kontakt Player) won't install without an updated installer.  Did you already have 10.4 and VDL2 installed, then update to 10.5?
No, I bought the newest Macbook, and installed VDL2. The old way of registering it is outdated, but the installer worked just fine.
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