2006 Latin Lover possible Typo

searched here on the trusty forum, found something, but it was not touched on, and i am following the good forums advice on starting a new topic.

In the 2006 version of Latin Lover, the snare part to be exact, in mea. 39, its starts out with the 4/3 deal, into the hertas. my question is, whats the deal with the herta part ? it has accent on 3, with Rl being the sticking, then it goes to the 32nd notes, with the accent being written on the right hand, but the left hand is capitailized. hopefully this is a typo, because its making this part really hard.


help would be greatly and always appreciated. thanks guys !

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Thanks for catching this. That's definitely a typo. The accents shown are correct. The RH on count 3 is correct, then stickings (on hertas) should alternate throughout the rest of the bar.
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