need help with grading system

hey. can anyone help me, please? I need to know how the numbered grading system relates to the worded one. specifically, how does tribute (from violent ice cream), which is ";insanely advanced,"; relate to lonely city suite, which is a ";6?"; I know that they are different styles, but, generally, how would you compare?
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Hi there,

This information is somewhat subjective, and as a disclaimer, please know that this grading system is something we've been a bit ";in flux"; with since our inception. There is no set standard that would seem obvious to me. So we've typically used our best judgement when grading these pieces, and admittedly, our ratings may differ from what others might assign.

As you mentioned, these two selections (";Tribute"; from Violent Ice Cream, and ";Lonely City Suite";) are very different styles. On sheer ";notes per square inch,"; Tribute would probably win in a heartbeat. But LCS requires a considerable amount of finesse and chops to execute well. Listen to the recordings on the Tapspace website, and you should get a pretty good idea of what's involved. It certainly won't require some of the flashier skills needed for ";Tribute,"; but that's certainly only part of it.
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