Help us find the rattle!

OK, so...

Of course it would be THE DAY OF REGION BAND AUDITIONS that we have a rattle on our bottom timpani we can't find. We've narrowed it down to seeming like it's coming from the rim. We're gonna try to loosen and retighten the head (out of desperation) and hope that does it.

Does anyone else have any suggestions as to what it could be? Or maybe a system of narrowing down where it is?

We've got about 5 more hours:) Thanks!
It might be the head... never know with this darn Houston weather lol
What brand of drum?

Did you find the source?
I would imagine its the Adams and you need to check either the tuning gauge or the spider mech on the bottom. The tuning gauge is notorious for rattling! Hope that helps!
For future reference - Did you find the problem? 
Nope, DANGIT!!!
On the Yamaha drums, there  is a little nut from the cable of the tuning cage, this often gets loose and rattles.  It could also be the wheel locks, make sure they are fully locked.

It could also be metal ring of the head vibrating against the rim.  Take the head off, and put mole skin on the underside of the rim, this will eliminate the rattling if that is the case.

They're Adams Timpani

Somehow the rattle went away, it could be the crazy weather change Houston is having nowadays going from cold and dry to how and wet quickly.

Oh well, we still got the first chair which is cool:)

Thanks for all the info!
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