VDL 2.5 Live performance

OK, this is cool, but i have a problem. I am using VDL 2.5 in a live performance. I have it loaded on to a VST plugin player to which I have connected a midi controller. All is well, it performs like it is supposed to, except for one thing. I want my vibes patch to come up with the motor on. So, I pull up the instrument, set the fan speed and FanLev values. Sounds great. I save it in the to \kontact player 2\user patches\instruments directory with a new name. After closing the vibe patch, I click refresh next to user instruments and nothing shows up in that drop down. So, I shut down and start up again. Still no user instrument. So, I manually load it from my saved file name and the correct instrument comes up with the settings in the default position, without my fanspeed and FanLev changes.
How can I create an instrument that has the fan turned on when I pull it up?
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It probably has something to do with the built-in scripting which controls the motor knobs. If you'd like to send me the .nki file, I can take a look at altering that for you. You can send it to me via PM here on the forum.
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