Voices in Sibelius 5.2

Hey guys I know this isnt a VDL question but I figure its as good a place to ask. I already emailed Sibelius tech support but I'm trying to figure out how to input tuplets into voice 2. I know I seperated the voices correctly but everytime I try to input tuplets for voice 2, it inputs a tuplet for voice 1. I'm clicking on the notes in voice 2 and theyre coming up green but when I enter the tuplet it shows up blue. Is there a part I'm missing to this or what? I know I can have 3:2 with the triplet in voice 1 but I want to have 2:3 with the triplet in voice 2. Thanks for any help.
Are you creating the tuplet through Create > Tuplet?  I tried that and got similar results to what you're describing.  I never use that menu, so I've never noticed that.  I usually just use the ctrl + number of the tuplet.  Since I tend to write enough triplets to merit a shortcut, I've also assigned triplets to the U button the keyboard.

This is an interesting find. However, you can get around that problem by using the keyboard shortcuts mentioned above.

Hope this is the answer you were looking for.
Yup that was it. Thanks for the help Bryan
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