looking for a marimba solo

I'm not really into the whole mallet thing but i need to find one that's not too hard but not too easy! if anyone can answer back about four mallet solos that would be awesome!
Mark Ford's ";Technique Through Music"; is a good place to start for a lesson book with short solos. 

";Yellow After the Rain"; by Mitchell Peters is sort of the standard marimba solo for a newer 4-mallet player.
I agree with Jay on the Ford Book. It's my personal favorite, but if thats not what you are looking for. I've always liked Spanish Dance by Kai Steinsgard is fun and middle of the road on difficulty. Then there is Nancy by Emmanual Sojourn. (need a 5 8ve) and Julie Davila has a great collection of pieces that are accessible for players of any level. Then you could look at any of the multiple Musser etudes. (Pick your favorite key) Hope that helps.....
thanks! I appreciate it!
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