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Quick question about the 80/20 of using sound sets in 5.2.

I have been using a lot of electronics and samples in my music recently, and I was wondering how difficult it is to add sampled sounds through sound sets?  I could pretty easily make an instrument in Kontakt with all of my samples, but getting that to actually translate to sounds inside of Sibelius I wasn't sure of.

It'd be helpful for sure, but if it's a big ordeal it's probably not worth it since I can just add the sounds through logic later.
I've actually created a modified VDL template and a soundset containing the synth sounds from Kontakt 2. I've attached them if you'd like to take a look.  Creating sounds for melodic instruments isn't hard - it's just time consuming.  Doing all of the mapping that Hugh and Jim did... now that's a pain. Also, there are a few registry edits required.  If anyone is really interested in using this, I've attached the resource to a later post that I used to set it up for myself.

Anyhow, for what they're worth, check out the attached files. It's my intention to go back and add the rest of the sounds eventually.  This was done simply so I could use the K2 synth sounds in Sib5. Note that this template is only for Sibelius 5.2.  Not sure if the sound sets are version specfic (ie. 5.1 vs. 5.2), but it's also included.

Also, this website might be worth noting:
This guy is creating custom Sibelius Sound sets. 
[quote author=Bryan Harmsen link=topic=2861.msg15147#msg15147 date=1229046600]
... Not sure if the sound sets are version specfic (ie. 5.1 vs. 5.2) ...

If you recall in the first [url=]video[/url] Jim made, 5.1 and 5.2 sound sets are very different. Not just in the XML file itself, but also in the way Sibelius handles that information. They mainly changed the sound ID prioritization.

Now, if you're just wanting Sibelius to load the patches without the need for any Switches and the like, then Sibelius won't care how you setup your sound IDs within your custom sound set (as long as each one is unique). However, I do recommend you follow some sort of consistent sound ID structure.
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However, I do recommend you follow some sort of consistent sound ID structure.

I basically used the directory structure and added additional elements at the end of the sound ids whenever multiple variations existed.  The Classic Waveforms were a great example of that, where there were up to 8 variations of one sound.

Attached is the resource I used for setting this up. I used 950 as the library ID. That will make sense as you read through the guide.

Attempt at your own risk!
Thanks for the links/examples guys--I'll check things out. 
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