Marimba Instruments will not load into VDL for playback.

I am using VDL2. So far I have loaded Snare, Tenor, Bass and Vibes into the VDL2. When I try and load any marimba instrument into the 5th area, it gets to 20% progress and freezes up. What is causing this? Thanks


I am using:

iBook G4, 1.33 GHz, 1.25 GB. Mac HD
Sibelius 4

To add to that. The marimba is the only instrument that will not load. The Marimba Birch will, but thats the only one. Thanks.
Hi Pat,

It's hard to say for sure. My first thought is that maybe you're running out of memory since the battery instruments are quite large. Here are a couple thoughts:

1) Quit VDL2. Then re-launch it. Try loading just a marimba only. You can try loading it in the first slot, fifth slot, anywhere should be fine. Does it work?

2) Are you using DFD? You should be able to check this by going to the ";About"; screen in VDL2. Underneath your serial number and software version listings, there's listing of ";Extensions"; where you will see ";DFD Extension V1.2.9"; if you've properly installed it. If you don't have DFD installed, I would recommend using it as it'll help preserve memory. You can download the installer [url=]at this location.[/url]

If you aren't sure what DFD is, check your VDL2 user-guide as well as the [url=]FAQ site[/url]. You'll probably also find lots of DFD info here on the forum if you use the search feature.

3) Since you have limited memory (RAM), be sure to use LITE instruments whenever possible.


I do not have the DFD Extension for VDL2. I downloaded it, but it isn't opening. What application does the DFD extension use? Thanks
Hi Pat. The DFD extension is an extension. It's not a file that you open.  The file you downloaded contains an installer. You have to install it so that VDL2's Kontakt Player can use it.

It would seem you may be unclear on what DFD is, so I'll recommend again that you check your VDL2 documentation as well as do some reading around on this forum to learn more about what this is.

Thanks for all your quick responses. I have read about DFD's and understand what they are. Maybe I am just missing a very little detail.

I downloaded the installer. It went to my desktop. I am assuming that this isn't the last step. I tried using the installer, but it keeps asking me to choose an application.

I apologize for the confusion.
The installer will download in a .zip file. Before you do anything, you should extract (unzip) the .zip file. Once you've done this, you should have a file on your desktop called:


That is the installer. When you double-click it, the installer should begin its process.

If you don't know how to extract a .zip file, here's an article that may help you:
Once it downloads this is the file name:


The icon is just looks like a blank document.

Sorry Pat. I didn't re-read your initial post and thought you were using Windows.

Many Macs will automatically decompress a .sit file. If yours doesn't, try getting the free Stuffit Expander application at:

Thank you so much for help me sort this out. The Stuffit Expander worked.

Thanks again.
Hello again,

Stuffit worked to open the installer. However, it didn't fix the marimba issue. I tried opening the Lite Mar into one of the sections with no other instruments. It gets to 20%, then freezes, then gets to about 45% then freezes, then after a while it gets to 100%, but its still frozen. Its weird. Thanks
This may not be a DFD issue then. But for the sake of crossing the goal line, is DFD active? If so, what are your DFD settings listed as?

If you're uncertain about what I mean, please consult your VDL2 User Guide for more info on DFD controls.
While you're in ";fix-it"; mode, I'd also recommend you update your VDL2 player to the most current version (if you haven't already). You should be able to download the most current version by logging into your account on the NI website.

The latest Kontakt Player software version for VDL2 is v1.1.8.003.
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