Sibelius Issues after 5.2.5 upgrade

I'm only posting this here because it may or may not be VDL related..

I recently upgraded from 5.1 to 5.2.5, and I'm having score conversion issues. A new 5.2.5 score with the new template seems to work fine. However, if I open a 5.1 score (built on the 5.1 template), I am unable to Save or Save As, and consequently when both a 5.1 and 5.2.5 score are open, I cannot copy, paste, and save, making conversion impossible.

Has anyone seen or heard of this issue before? I do realize that this is likely a Sibelius issue, but I figured I'd fish here first since there is a wealth of knowledge in this group, and the Sibelius forums are [i]not great.[/i]

I'd appreciate any insight.


Rob Thatcher

This is the first issue to come up regarding anything with 5.2.5, and I don't know of any bugs that would cause your 5.1 score to have problems like that.

I sent you a PM so you can send be your 5.1 sib file so I can see if I can duplicate the errors.


No worries. I have it fixed. It required a reinstall of 5.2 from DVD, but everything is ok now.

Apparently, if you upgrade from 5.1 directly to 5.2.5, you are, as they say, hosed.

Thanks for the effort nonetheless. You guys rule.


Glad to hear you're back up and running.

... Apparently, if you upgrade from 5.1 directly to 5.2.5, you are, as they say, hosed. ...

Everyone else:  There are different executable files for updating to 5.2.5 depending on which version you are currently running (5.0 or later). I just looked at the Sibelius Help Center and it still appears that the various versions are available.

Hope that helps
Believe it or not, I checked and double checked, and actually tried redownloading and reinstalling. I used the correct version - both times. However, it appears that there is an issue with the installer packages as downloaded.

In fact, once I got the DVD version of the upgrade in the mail, the installation instructions tell you to uninstall first, and then install fresh. Once I did this, all of my issues disappeared.

I would recommend the (free) shipped DVD upgrade path. It seems more reliable (at least, it was for me) and you will have a hard copy of the full install at your disposal if you happen to need to start from scratch for whatever reason.

I just read the last sentence and I am amazed at the abundance of prepositional phrases.

Happy Holidays, kids.

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