VDL Playback issues - no sound

I am using VDL 2.5 with Finale 2008 on a PC with 3gb of RAM. I have a rather large pit and battery score and have been working thusfar with no issues - samples have been playing back just fine. Then, as of a couple days ago, the score would open and samples would load, then when I played the file back some of the staves would not be heard. (bass drums for example) I thought they might be muted by accident so I went to the instrument window and they were not. I also checked the 'mixer' in Finale and there is a signal lighting up meaning there is a MIDI signal being transferred, but somehow no sound. I double checked the MIDI channels to make sure they were routed correctly. I checked the VDL 'rack' and checked the volume of the Bass Drum samples and it is at a reasonable level. Nothing was changed at all about any of these settings from the time they were all playing back with no issues, yet there is no bass drum sound during playback. As of today it is also happening to the snares as well. Help anyone? :)


A few questions to help us dial-in the issue:
1. Is this Vista or XP? (if Vista: is it 32 or 64 bit?)
2. Approximately how many instruments are loaded?
3. Laptop/Desktop?
4. Do you use headphones, built-in speakers, or external speakers to play back? 

If Finale, VDL, and Kontakt settings have not changed then the only variable could be the amount of RAM being used by other processes on your machine. At face value (based on your description) I recommend keeping any non-Finale/VDL programs closed to optimize your systems RAM for playback. Kontakt Player 2 will drop samples to remain stable if there is not enough RAM available for your samples.

Also, (I'm no expert on this topic) but there may be some DFD options you could look into to enhance the performance of your samples.
Check out Jim's Tutorial on DFD, RAM and CPU: [url=https://www.tapspace.com/forums/index.php?topic=636.msg2385#msg2385]https://www.tapspace.com/forums/index.php?topic=636.msg2385#msg2385[/url]

We can get more specific once you answer the questions above,

It almost sounds as though this is an issue that I have seen before on this forum.  Are these all NON-PITCHED percussion staves that are not playing back (like snares, aux, basses, etc....not Marimbas, vibes)?

If they are NON-PITCHED, try this:

1.  Go to the STAFF TOOL -->double-click on the percussion staff that isn't sounding -->NOTATION STYLE: PERCUSSION and click select
2.  Click on the Percussion Map you are using and then click Edit
3.  Are there any named notes that have a checkmark or * by them where the playback note is '0'?

I have seen where these have all been set to '0' for the playback notes causing certain notes (if not all notes) to not play.  Let us know what you find.

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