Cavaliers 2008 Snare and Tenor line accessory

First post here,
I need some help and I thought someone out there, might be able to help me out. I saw the Cavaliers perform this past summer and I want to know what the wood block sounding accessory is the snare and tenor line are using? I am interested in using that sound in our indoor show but haven't been able to find the product online.
I can't speak for the guys from this past summer, but in 2003 we used the same products that were produced by XL Specialty Percussion.  They are essentially what seemed to be pieces of drum shells formed into the shape of a surved woodblock instrument. I'm sure Jim will have more, but at least with the Cavaliers, anything extra you see in addition to the drums is normally made by them. I know Bluecoats also used the same wood shell clacker thing a few years back as well. 

They also made the hi-hat attachment (now for sale) from 2001, the extra tenor and bass ";snare"; modifications used in 2002 and 2003, and the ";hoeblades"; on the snares from the 2004 James Bond show. The funny thing about that yearis they actually started with real hoeblades at camps, but they were too dull and got beat up too easy. So, the whole summer was a trial and error to get the right resonance and sound quality for the things.
Ahh, yes... I stand corrected.  I guess XL must do all of the metal stuff.
I asked Jim about that at PASIC.  It's something that was custom made by XL for Cavies.  It looks similar to what's in that link, but they are longer.
guys, thanks for your replies. The ones Yamaha makes look easy to install, I wonder if the shallow wedge resonates well enough to be effective in an indoor setting? Either way I am going to order them soon for our group. Bryan thanks for the XL Perc. site. I knew that they made the stadium hardware and harnesses but I didn't know about the mounting attachments.

Hi guys,

Indeed the items we used were custom made by XL. Neal Graham is the mastermind behind all their gizmos, and is a great guy. I don't know if he has plans to market this item in the future though. You may want to give them a call to let them know you'd be interested.

Oddly enough, I hadn't seen the Yamaha RM-CW. It looks similar, though the ones we were using were larger, and after a fair amount of testing, designed to emulate the sound you'd hear when striking the rim of a taiko drum. We doubled those sounds with the Taiko rims up front quite a bit.

Good luck!
Has anyone actually used the cascara wedge in a marching venue? I'm curious as to how they will hold up over the season. Does anyone know how the product the cavaliers used held up over the summer?
The ones we used at Cavaliers held up very well. But we weren't using them for repetitive type stuff other than a brief 8th note ostinato. We used them more as an accent color.

They were aggressive with them, within reason. If players honestly aren't bashing them and strike them with a reasonably loose touch I think they would fare well.
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