Wrist Bands

i had a question about the wrist bands or arm bands that the santa clara vanguard drumline wears, are they part of the uniform (do they come with the uniform), or do you go out and by them, or if you know any easy remedies so you can make them yourself? thanks for the help
As far as I know, they do not come with the uniforms. I'm sure one of the drummers could tell you much better than I can where they come from.
thanks, ok if any of the drumline members read this, could you please tell me how you guys get those wrist bands and where they come from, and all that good stuff, very much appreciated
and o yeah, im talking about the wrist bands they where when they are preforming not the tennis wrist bands you can pick up at dick's sporting goods thanks
You mean the gauntlets (see attachment)?

yeah, that is what im talking about; our bands drumline doesn't get gaunts and i was just wondering if you could makeshift something like that
I'm sure you could sew/cut some with fabric and a little velcro.
You can always ask a uniform company to provide gauntlets.  I taught a couple lines where the band didn't have them, but we ordered a few dozen from the same co. that stitched the unis.  They're easy to lose and graduating seniors sometimes walk off with them- order extra.
how much would they cost?
The basic, in stock (cheapest) gauntlets from Band Shoppe are $7-$8 a pair and are a solid color.


They make many different styles and colors for whatever someone might need to match a uniform. I'd recommend poking around bandshoppe.com or another similar uniform website till you find something you like. There are definitely plenty of choices out there. They even make ";drummers gauntlets"; that are a bit smaller and wont hinder playing.
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