The gift of kindness and decency

So many of us realize what a wonderful
resource this forum is for exchanging
information and seeking advice with
problems we are having be they with
technology, teaching, whatever it might
be.  I firmly believe that what makes this
forum the civil, helpful, and open
marketplace of ideas that it is, is that
it is so very much reflective of Jim.  In
that good man is the gift of kindness and
decency of which we have all been recipients.
Jim, it seems appropriate at this time and on
this day to say ";Thank you,";  for not only
the knowledge and technology you have made
possible and shared, but the decency and
kindness with which you have given it.

To all of you I wish for you a ";Happy Holidays"; and
fervently hope that the new year will bless us
with much peace throughout the world.  If
there's anything we need, it's more peace and

Take care,
I think I can follow up only by saying ";Amen!!";

Happy Holidays everyone!
Neil, well said - very powerful.

Single tear...

And yes, happy holidays to all!
Hear, Hear!  Well said Neal.  I too, add my wishes for a [color=red][font=Verdana]Merry Christmas [/font] [/color] & a [shadow=red,left][color=blue]Happy New Year [/color] [/shadow] to all.

Thanks for the ultra-nice sentiments here. Do unto others, right? :) We all learn from each other, so back atcha! Thanks the whole gang here for making this a positive place to learn things about things.

Happy holidays everyone!
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