Disk Locked

Hello all,
For Christmas a got a new Macbook and was trying to install VDL.2 on it. When I tried to install it, it says that the disk is locked. Why is this?
Are you logged in as the full administrator on your computer (as in, your user account)?

Also, do you have any external hard drives connected?
Make sure that you are not trying to install to the DVD disk itself.  Make sure you are choosing to select the Macintosh HD so that it has a Green Arrow on it.

Also if you have Leopard, make sure you have the Leopard patched Installer.

ok, i took care of that. Now whats stumping me is that, after installing, I only have bits of sample library.
If you could detail the steps you took to get to where you are right now, we could give you some better support.

Since it is a new Mac, did you use this installer?


Secondly, where did you install the library to?

Thirdly, what does ";I only have bits of sample library"; mean?  As in, you open VDL and there are only a few instruments that will load, or are your library folders very small?
where does the library need to be installed?
Please send me a PM with your name and serial number so we can offer some suggestions.

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