Virtual Midi Keyboard - Chirp

Just and update to the Virtual Midi Keyboard concept for we laptop users - I discovered a new product called CHIRP which can be found at [url=][/url].  It has the added advantages of being compatible with Vista (32-bit) as well as XP (and there is a Mac OS version as well) and the piano keyboard is mapped to the laptop keyboard so you can use multiple keys simultaneously to play/input chords, or hunt and peck if you prefer, or use the mouse.  It is also a pretty powerful midi controller.  Additionally, it does not seem to overload Finale regardless of the speed of input.  There is a demo download available (full version - 7 day tryout period).  Purchase price if you like it is $39.99.  Pretty sweet tool, I think.
Here's a direct link to the Chirp onscreen keyboard product:

Thanks for sharing this!!
Thanks, Coach.  Here is a faster link to tanager audio: [url=][/url]
Good link.  This will be a great alternative for people on the run without a Keyboard handy.  Thanks for posting that!
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