Gary Burton and Makoto Ozone

I just got this DVD on Netflix and it's incredible! Highly recommend it! Here's a video on Youtube from the DVD. . . This one is pretty good but the rest of the DVD will blow you away! Check it out!

Thanks for this Robbie. I've seen these guys play together a couple times and always leave completely blown away. Gary Burton is one of those undisputed musical geniuses that never fails to deliver and he seems to have found a perfect pairing with Ozone. Anyone who gets the chance to see Gary Burton play live, don't miss it. Cancel your wedding if you have to, but don't miss him if you have the opportunity!
Anyone else that has some recommended Netflix vids please post. I use Netflix because they have the biggest selection of live music DVD's.

I would be cool to start a thread of MUST SEE performances. I also just got the Rhythms of the Arab world Vol 1 and 2 which were very well produced and informative if anyone is interested in working on their Dumbek chops. :) Happy New Year

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