Virtual Midi Keyboard Setup

Hey guys,

I was trying to setup a virtual midi keboard with my FInale 2006 and Virtual drumline 2.5, but I can't connect it because I am unable to download and install Maple Midi, or midi yoke midi cables.  I was able to install a virtual midi cable called LoopBe, but I don't know how to setup the whole thing, finale 2006, with virtual drumline running in it as a plugin and the midi keyboard

If anyone could help, it would be appreciated

It would really be a good idea to invest in an actual MIDI keyboard. I use one at home but I had a hard time trying to set up a virtual MIDI cable on my band director's computer at school. I'm just going to have to ask the booster club to get a hardware MIDI keyboard because getting virtual ones to work with Finale or Sibelius is too complicated. So I highly recommend getting a MIDI keyboard. Tapspace suggests one here:
I own one, what I want is to have a virtual midi keyboard because I am using a laptop and I want to have it ready to go on the run.

thanks for the suggestion!!!!
Are you on a Macbook or is your laptop Windows?
Windows vista
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