Murray Gusseck Drum Sticks and Editorial


Sans creepiness.

I still think Murray's the shit, though.

Bout time he got his own stick.

Not gonna lie... That was a little creepy...
^  True that...

Don't know what else to say, but this totally unrelated video was pretty funny.
So, openly praising someone and wondering why they haven't been given their due is creepy? I mean, like I said, you see Ivan Pacheco getting 14 billion hits on YouTube, etc, and while we all know that getting attention on YouTube is a far, far cry from all of Murray's accolades, it still seems kind of strange to me that he's just now getting a signature drum stick and stuff, when guys who can't even [i]play[/i] the drums have had them for years. If that's creepy, whatever. I don't know Murray Gusseck from Adam, but he seems like a legit dude and a landmark musical mind. So I, for one, think that, worldwide, people like him should be getting more praise than some of the folks who get it.

Personally, I think that risking some amount of creepiness to say things out loud that I know at least a few other people agree with is fun.

And if you think [i]I'm[/i] an asshole, check this kid out:

no worries man. . . Glad to have your opinion around. :)
[quote author=RGreen link=topic=2894.msg15337#msg15337 date=1231219886]
no worries man. . . Glad to have your opinion around. :)

Thanks, dude.

And you should hear my opinion on Mike McIntosh.

I think that dude's the freakin' chosen one!
go MURRAY! it might be a gusseck tenor mallet, yes?
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