Rolls not sounding in updated score.

Hey folks,

I updated a score I've been chipping away at for several years. I originally started the score (for large percussion ensemble) in Sibelius 4 with the appropriate VDL template. With some time on the break, I decided to update the score into Sibelius 5 and the new template. So, I opened up the new template, and copied and pasted from the old score into the new score.

After removing program changes (remember those!?), I found that the score played back exactly as I had hoped... except that there are no rolls playing back. If I try adding a new roll, it plays back fine. If I try to remove the roll, then add it back, it still does not work.

After searching, I couldn't find where something this specific had been posted. I hope that someone will have some insight into my little issue.

Thanks, oh mighty and powerful Tapspace Forum!
Hi Eric,

I assume you're talking about rolls that are sampled and controlled via mod-wheel such as timpani, marimba, xylophone.

One thing that you may want to check (since you did a copy/paste) is that the ";tremolo"; checkbox is [i]not[/i] UNchecked in the playback pallete for any such rolls. This was something that we used to recommend in Sibelius 4. This is because in Sibelius 4, the mod-wheel controller change (~C1,127) would activate the sampled roll, negating the need for Sibelius to have to synthetically create a series of repeated notes when it encountered tremolo markings. So if this is unchecked, it's possible that the tremolos aren't sending the proper dictionary message now that you've pasted these parts into Sibelius 5.

Hope this might help!

Yep, that appears to have done it. Thanks, Jim!
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