No Note Input using Sibelius 5, VDL 2.5, Virtual Midi Keyboard, Midi Yoke

I have a Virtual Midi Keyboard and Midi Yoke. My problem is that when I am on Sibelius 5 on the VDL Template 5.2, i can push a note on the virtual keyboard and it will make the VDL noise but it will not input the note onto Sibelius 5. Here are my settings:
1. Virtual keyboard is set to output to midi yoke 1
2. Kontakt Player 2 is set to input from midi yoke 1 and outputs are turned off
3. Sibelius 5 has midi yoke 1 as a playback device and has midi yoke 1 as an input device (Type: Keyboard, Input Map: Midi Keyboard)(The three boxes on the bottom right of the preference box on the input devices section are checked

All advice is helpful!

Thanks, Shawn

I asked almost this exact same question. You really should just invest in a hardware MIDI keyboard. It'll save you SO much trouble.
yeah i do need to get one... but money is a problem for me... thanks for the advice though... ive found that i can put notes in using the virtual keyboard while im in the flexi-input on sibelius and then i can copy the notes and put them where they need to go but thats about as good as i could get it
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