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Hello, I'm new to VDL 2.5.  I have installed and reinstalled the samples that came with this program and still I get a message (samples Missing). I'm using Sibelius 5.2, I've downloaded the 5.2 template and it's all running on PC/XP.  The problem only happens when I try loading samples using the 5.2 template.

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To troubleshoot this, start by launching Kontakt Player 2 in standalone mode. You'll find it in your ";Program Files"; folder. Once open, you should see the Virtual Drumline 2.5 library box toward the left-hand side of the player. If that VDL 2.5 box is blue (and not a metallic looking box with VDL graphic) it means you need to re-set the path to your library. Do this by clicking the INFO box in the VDL 2.5 section here. When you click this box, you'll see a long field across the bottom of the window that says [b]Library Installation Path[/b]. Click the ";Choose"; button, then navigate to the location on your computer where the [b]Virtual Drumline 2.5[/b] folder lives. So click the ";Virtual Drumline 2.5"; folder (so it's highlighted), then click the ";choose"; button.

One thing you'll want to check is that this ";Virtual Drumline 2.5"; folder contains four .nkx files. If it doesn't, it's possible that when you attempted re-installing the library, it installed elsewhere (perhaps even a folder within this folder? A proper installation should have four .nkx files, four .nkc files, as well as folders called Documentation, Multis, and Instruments.

Once you resolve this in standalone mode, quit KP2. Next time you host instances of the player in a host program (like Sibelius 5), the samples should be properly loaded.

One other thing to be sure to check: If you're using VDL within Sibelius 5, be sure you've correctly installed the Sound Set that comes with the VDL/Sibelius template, and you've selected this sound set within your ";Playback Devices"; window.
You rock. The above worked.

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