Instrument changes in Timpani not working correctly

When I do instrument changes from timpani to an instrument that use the percussion clef IE. field drum. The note is displayed on ledger lines below the staff with no audible playback. If I input them manually with step time it works but I can't get rolls or anything but snare hits. Also does anybody know how to get a four stroke ruff to work properly?

Great to hear Ray! Sometimes score text can sneak up on you when you least expect it. Glad to hear you were able to solve the mystery!

After thinking about your last post. I decided to remove the courtesy text ";closed orchestral rolls"; my rolls sound great. I can't believe that one word gave me such issues, but everything is running great . Thanks!!!

I fixed the preferences setting and we will see if that helps in the future. As far as the buzz roll issue I already double checked the read me file to make sure the slashes and note heads were correct,  still weird buzzes. When I enter the rolls with my midi the sound is right when they play back it is distorted. Thanks for your patience as I am a detail freak and want this right.

Hey Ray,

Thanks for hanging in there with this. I think I may have some ideas.

First, I think the reason you're getting that bass clef following the original attempt to enter the field drum instrument change is due to the fact that you selected a single bar when inputting it. There's a little thing in Sibelius that you can do to adjust this. Go to: Preferences>Note Input. You'll see a section in there called [b]Editing[/b]. If you UNcheck the box that says ";Restore original items after single-bar selections,"; your instrument change will not switch back to timpani after the Field Drum instrument change. When you want to switch back to timpani, you can manually input a new instrument change back to timpani to accomplish this.

Secondly, are you using a Z for the field drum roll? If so, try changing it to double or triple slashes. More often than not, a conventional roll on field drum will be notated with regular slashes (not ";Z";), with the player understanding the context on this instrument to be a concert style roll (press roll). If you check the ReadMe file for the VDL template, and go to the mapping diagram for the Field Drum, you'll see that to achieve the sampled roll, you should apply slashes (rather than a Z) to such notes.

My hunch is that these should address what you're experiencing. If not, let me know.

Good luck!

When I first created my timpani staff I added the field drum instrument change. As normal sibelius added a non pitched percussion clef and a bass clef following the selection. When I entered field drum notes into this staff they would display ledger lines below the staff and there was no sound. At this point I first checked to make sure both instruments were created from the 5.2 template and also checked the mapping diagram, but no luck. I then decided just to add a field drum staff and then copy and paste the parts back into the timpani staff where I added the instrument change. This fixed the ledger line problem but the buzz rolls were distorted in both staffs. Everything else is playing fine. Later on I tried to add a triangle into the timpani staff and I had the same ledger line problem. Something is not correcting the mapping in my instrument changes and in the field drum case distorting the sound of the buzz. Hope this helps.
Hi Ray,
Thanks for the screenshots. That all looks good. I thought you were having the problem with the field drum patch though. Are you saying that when you created the field drum staff separately and input the part there, it sounded fine, but then when you brought it into the timpani staff, it didn't? I guess I'm not quite following exactly what you're doing.

The timpani instrument screenshot looks fine, but I can't tell if you've actually input a VDL Field Drum instrument change prior to the field drum part itself. If there's anything more specific you can do do clarify what exactly you've done, and what specific results you're getting maybe some more obvious suggestions may come to mind.

One other thing to check (if you haven't already): Be sure that in the mixer, you haven't set anything manually. It may be worth double-checking that everything's set to [b](auto)[/b]. Doing this may cause those mixer tracks to temporarily display as ";(unallocated)"; until you hit PLAY again - at which point Sibelius will take inventory of all instrument changes, and determine what instruments need to be loaded into KP2.
I have attached jpegs of my playback devices and instrument window I am pretty sure I have this right.

When you created the extra staff for the field drum, are you absolutely certain you created this from an instrument within the VDL family? If you used one of Sibelius's stock instruments it may not play correctly.

The same question would apply to the point at which you copied it into the timpani staff. In order for the VDL field drum to play properly, it' important that you insert an ";instrument change"; into the timpani staff, prior to that field drum part so that the correct instrument is loaded, which will then correspond to the sound set. By what you're describing, it sounds like maybe the wrong instrument was used.

Another thing you should check is this. Go into your ";Playback Devices"; window. Any active instances of Kontakt Player 2 should be assigned to the correct sound set that will interface properly with the template. If you're using the 5.2 template, the correct sound set will be named ";[b]VDL Soundset 5.2.[/b]"; If you don't see that as an option, be sure you've installed the sound set that came with the template according to the instructions. Without that soundset installed, and assigned in ";playback devices,"; the template won't work as expected.
Hey Jim

I am using the 5.2 template. I finally decided just to add an extra staff input the field drum stuff and copy it into my timpani staff. I am still getting a distorted sound with my press rolls though. I have checked the template mapping diagram and everything is correct but the rolls sound like a sampled buzz saw with phaser. Again any insight is always appreciated.

Hi Ray! It sounds like either you're not using the Sibelius/VDL template for 5.2, or maybe you haven't switched to an instrument from the actual ";VDL Template 5.2"; family. In case you don't have the 5.2 template, you can find it here:
Sorry..... forgot  specs are as follows
Sibelius or Finale?  Mac or PC?

The more info you can provide about your setup, the faster someone can get you an answer.  I find it helpful to place your system info in your signature so you don't have to repeat it every time.
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