Why is my MIDI Keyboard not showing up?

I just got a new iMac. Love this thing! BUT... after installing my Finale 2009, and my VDL 2.5, everything seemed to be in line until I tried to actually input notes. When I go to my Midi/Internal Speaker setup, and try to set my keyboard (keystation 88es) to be the MIDI in and out, and there is NOTHING to choose from. Rather, ";none";. I have my speedy options set correct for use MIDI device for input etc, and apparently I don't need to install drivers with a mac because the keyboard is ";class compliant";. I am using Mac OS X Version 10.5.6.

I don't know what else to say. I can't use Virtual Drumline right now and I have very many time sensitive jobs to take care of.

Brian D.
For anyone else who runs into this with their MIDI device (if it is Class Compliant or your drivers are properly installed), make sure you are not using an external USB hub.  I know M-Audio and Korg do not support the use of hubs, so try plugging the device into a USB port on the computer and let your computer keyboard and mouse go to the hub if space is an issue.
yep, he's right :D
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