spock line

How do you get the line for the sixth spock on tenors?, i cant find it.
Vague question. Which notation program are you using? If you have the template for the appropriate notation app it is already mapped out and shouldn't have to find it. But, without enough information we can't help.

Ted Boliske
sorry, im using sibelius and i cant get the line for the last spock. snares and basses have additional ledger lines but tenors dont.
The two shot drums should be on the G space and A line (treble clef). 
the sound is there but the line is not thats what im asking for how do you get the line to show.
Hi IHPeaches. Welcome to the forum.

When asking your questions, please write in complete sentences (with those pesky capital letters and all). Also, we ask that you be very detailed with what exactly you've done. So far in all your posts, I can't deduce whether or not you're even using the VDL template. If you take a few extra minutes to be specific, professional, and clear, you'll most likely find that the replies you receive will be equally helpful.
if i'm replying to who i think i am ";Jim Cassela";, it is an honor to be replying to you and yes i will be specific.

Im not sure if i am using the vdl template, nor where i could find it. Ive been using Sibelius's ";drum corps battery"; template.

if you need more please ask.
Here are the Sibelius Templates.  Download the appropriate template for your version of Sibelius.


This might be a good link for you as well to get some tips on starting out with VDL beyond the setup guide included with your VDL DVD-

Hi again IHPeaches.

Are you using the full version of Virtual Drumline 2.5? Or perhaps you're using the VDL sounds which are included with Sibelius in their ";Essentials"; library. If so, please direct your questions to the [url=http://www.sibelius.com/helpcenter/index.html]Sibelius help center[/url].

If you're a registered VDL user, please send me a private message directly here on the forum and please include your VDL serial number.

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