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Up until this point I've used the Auto instruments for the drumline but want to get a better quality of playback and have started messing with the Manual. I'm convinced that my MIDI keyboard is shifted one chromatic note up for all sounds. For example in the SnareLine Manual (MW) the RH and LH rims are C#4 and D#4 in the manual but only come out of my MIDI keyboard when I press D4 and E4. Is this a problem with VDL or with my keyboard?

My secret is revealed!  Curses!

Chris - I wasn't aware you were in Van Halen. Wow! :)
Glad you found your answer.  I, too, had that problem at one point... except it was with my rock band at the time using the controller live.  D'oh!
After searching the M-Audio forums, I found an answer there.  If you hit the octave toggle switch right in the middle, it allows you to transpose up or down by half steps.  I didn't even realize that I hit the button!  Thanks for helping!
Michael - Check the documentation for your Keystation 25. There should be information in there that tells you how to reset the device to its factory settings. I'd also suggest restarting your computer in case there are any strange transpositions in the player that need to be cleared out.
I'm having the same problem, did anyone else find a way to fix this?  Every input shows up a half step lower than the key i'm pressing (pressing an F, Finale is showing E natural)  I have a M-Audio Keystation 25.
It's probably your MIDI keyboard. There's probably a way for you to reset it to its factory settings, so you may want to check into that with the manufacturer.

Another way to check is by creating a chromatic staff (i.e. a piano staff). Input some notes there via the MIDI keyboard and see if you're getting the conflict. If so, that would verify.

I've seen this happen before, so I wouldn't rule it out.
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