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I've got an issue inputting notes into the drumset voice  (either auto or manual)

My configuration:  I'm running Sibelius on Mac.  I just installed the 2.5 VDL update using the DVD, dragged in the .nks files, installed the 2.5.1 maintenance update via the NI service center, and using the 5.2 updated template. 

Everything sounds and works great except for the Drumset Map.  It does not allow me to enter in the separate voices  (kick, HH, snare, toms etc,) without overwriting the first voice that I input.

I would appreciate any help ... my writing deadline is looming.  thanks! 
That's great to hear!  We're always here to help.
thanks Jim & Owen.  Owen your suggestions are spot on. I really appreciate it.  I just finished my first arrangement exclusively using VDL.  Its simply amazing. 
As Owen pointed out, you can enter notes into separate voices. This isn't any specific functionality built into the template.

For what it's worth, you may find it more efficient to enter the majority of your drumset part into one voice. If you're using a MIDI keyboard, entering a HiHat and Snare note simultaneously should assign the correct noteheads and such as long as you're striking the keys on your MIDI keyboard simultaneously as J Mattson suggested.
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I'm using a midi.  I thought that the new Sibelius template allowed us to input the notes on each voice seperatly without having to manually create voices (like Sn, toms are Voice 1, BD voice 2, Cyms voice 3 and so on.  I thought the new template did that for you 

on another matter, can you tell me how to give Karma? 
Are you using a MIDI keyboard and hitting the notes at the same time?  Are you just trying to click in the staff with a mouse?
[quote author=phatstick link=topic=2916.msg15411#msg15411 date=1231639290]
...except for the Drumset Map.  It does not allow me to enter in the separate voices ... without overwriting the first voice that I input.

[quote author=phatstick link=topic=2916.msg15417#msg15417 date=1231740396]
The template allowed me to enter in each voice separately without overwriting the others.

...I'm confused.  You can create the notation that you want in Sibelius, but it does not playback correctly through VDL 2.5 - is that correct?

If you wouldn't mind describing your problem more in depth/step by step, that would help us in pinpointing the problem.  Please include your system specs, and which version of the VDL template you are using.  Check out the ";Helpful Hints in posting"; in the link below.


Also, if you haven't checked out the Sibelius 5.2 tutorial videos, those are extremely helpful and informative (link below):

Regarding the template, I believe I did not have to enter voices as you described. The template allowed me to enter in each voice separately without overwriting the others.  Is there anyone who has experience entering voices using the drumset voice?


This is a Sibelius related question - you need to input multiple voices into Sibelius: 

Holding ";Shift"; will allow you input multiple notes on the same stem, like a chord.  This would be the typical method used for snare + hi-hat.  In order to input notes on the same beat with separate stems (snare & kick drum), [i]please reference page 164 of your Sibelius Reference[/i].  It can be found within the program (Sibelius) by clicking on ";Help";, then ";Sibelius Reference"; or by simply pressing F1.

The Sibelius Reference guide is very well organized and has answered many questions I've had over the years.  Aside from looking up your question in the table of contents or index, you can search the digital document (.pdf) for keywords related to your issue.  I would also recommend searching the Sibelius Help Center for further help when the Reference guide doesn't answer your question. (link to Sibelius Help Center below)

To save you some time, you might also check out the ";repeat"; shortcut.  I'm not talking about the repeat barline... Pressing ";R"; on your keyboard is an editing shortcut that will repeat whatever you have selected.  So once you've spent a lot of time creating 1 measure of your drumset beat, highlight/select the whole measure and press ";R"; as many times as you would like to repeat that groove.  This will save you time as you'll only have to edit your fill beats/measures until you want to change your groove up.
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