Using VDL and sibelius sound sets simultaneously

Hi folks

I need to use both my VDL sounds and Sibelius sounds for a show I'm writing, can anyone help out. It might be that I'm just not using the right search references.

Basically I just want to use the VDL percussion sounds and the synth and bass sounds from Sibelius. I'm using a VDL Template that works fine with my VDL2 Sounds but the Sibelius sounds do not play back.

Many Thanks
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Hi Tom,

Since you're using Sibelius 3 and VDL2, the sounds in Sibelius would come from the built-in Kontakt Player Silver (or Gold if you upgraded to that). You can do this by selecting tracks in the Sibelius mixer, then assigning which device you'd like to hear sound from. In the case of synth/bass stuff, you'd assign it to the Kontakt Silver stuff. The VDL tracks would be assigned to whatever you're using as a virtual MIDI cable to connect to your VDL2 player which I assume you're running in stand-alone mode.

Keep in mind, the term ";sound set"; is kind of a specific term in Sibelius lingo. Sound Sets have become increasingly important when using VDL 2.5 within Sibelius 5+. However, they weren't nearly as crucial within the Sibelius 3 or 4 environments. I'm not sure if you were talking about this specific concept of Sibelius ";sound sets."; I sense that when you're saying ";sound set"; you're really referring to VDL2 or Sibelius's Kontakt Silver [i]libraries[/i].

When/if you feel comfortable with learning something new, I'd recommend you consider updating to VDL 2.5 and Sibelius 5 at some point. These components work together in a much more integrated fashion with much less fussing with midi channels, devices, program numbers, banks, etc.
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