Buzz sound in drum set high tom

Good afternoon,

I am working on a project for a friend's book.
I am getting a buzz/snare sound out of the
high tom on the drum set.  The two other
instruments in the score are:  concert snare
and xylophone, all generated through VDL.

Kontakt volume settings:
snare: 120
keyboard: 127
drum set: 120
master volume: 1.5 db

I unchecked ";reverb"; in the performance menu.

VDL 2.5.1
Sib 5.2.5

Any ideas why this is happening?

Take care,
Hey Neal,
   Have you tried the keyswitch to turn the snares off?  (Or maybe it's text now.  snares off?)  That should take the snare buzz out of the tom sound but then your snares are off.  Hope this helps.

Ian is correct, Neal.  VDL sampled the drum set with both snares on and off for realism.


We would like the snare on.  We are using:
12"; tom, 10"; tom, snare, and hi-hat.  Does
that make sense?  No bass drum.  Only using
hands.  I'll attach one of the files.

I export the file as an aiff and then convert to mp3
using I-Tunes.  When we did this using WireTap Studio,
we found that the volume of the mp3s was almost inaudible, thus
the use of the ffff dynamic marking.

Any thoughts?

Hi Neal. I think what the others were asking you is whether or not the sound you were hearing was merely the VDL #1 Drumset tom (which causes the drumset's snares to buzz as they would in a live situation), or if you're in fact hearing a completely wrong sound.

If it's a completely wrong sound altogether, the first few steps to troubleshoot would be:

1) Be sure you're using the correct drumset instrument designed in the VDL Template 5.2 family.
2) For any wrong sounds, be sure you've entered them so that they appear on the correct line, with the correct notehead as defined in the Template's ReadMe file.

Howdy Jim.

The notehead and and sound set are correct.
So, the tom is, as you pointed out, causing the snare to buzz.
I was not aware of that.  If the author and publishing company
don't like the buzz, I'll have to go in and change the tom to one
that does not create a buzz, unless they all cause a snare buzz.
It's times like this I wish I were more technologically astute.
Thank you for the help.  Hope all is well out your way.

Take care,
If you don't like the fact that the toms make the snares buzz, you can use im_murphy's suggestion to use the staff text ";snares off"; to turn it off (and hiding the text so it doesn't print), then when you encounter a snare part, you'd have to turn it back on (";snares on";...hidden as well). It's a pain, and probably won't sound as realistic, but this is a workaround if you don't like the buzzing.

You may also find this buzz to be more or less at different velocities. The frequency of that high tom has the biggest affect on this buzzing bleedover, so it's probably most noticeable on that drum. Using Sibelius's live playback velocities might afford you the option of experimenting a bit. It'll always be there though - unless you use the staff text to disengage snares altogether.
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