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h'lo all,
I'm about to make the switchover from Mac G5/Tiger to a MacPro/Leopard. I'm pretty excited, but pretty terrified about what will and what will not make the transfer. I'm looking for thoughts on what I might need to uninstall off the old machine, then reinstall on the new machine. The NI-related stuff is;
Kontakt 2
Garritan JABB (Kontakt Player 2)
Garritan Marching Band (Kontakt Player 2)
Tapspace VDL (Kontakt Player 2)
EW Symphonic Choirs (Kompakt Player)
NI Service Center

thanks in advance for any help,

b myers, composer
I think the only roadblock you might run into is compatability of your older software with Leopard.

You'll want to use the installer below for VDL-


Also for any of your NI libraries, you might want to install and then run the NI Service Center to ensure you have the most up to date versions.
You'll only need to use that Leopard installer if you're doing a fresh install of VDL.

If you use the Mac's ";Migration Utility"; (transferring applications/data from old machine to the new one via Firewire Target Mode), you won't need to mess with the Leopard installer.

You shouldn't have to worry about deauthorizing the NI software on your old machine, but I would recommend deleting it all once you're successfully up-and-running on the new machine. You will most likely have to re-authorize your NI products on the new machine using Service Center.

Your EW Kompakt Player stuff may be a little more fussy than the KP2 libs due to it being a little older, and I think limited Kompakt support on Leopard. They have a few articles in their knowledgebase that may help. I recall having similar problems authorizing some of their Kompakt based libs, but was able to get around the problem using their tips. Here's one of the topics that might help:

As Tyler Durden mentioned, it's worth ensuring you've updated all your libs. I realize this can take a while to keep track of, so I recommend making a list and just slowly working through it. Different developers may have different methods of updating. As for VDL, the 2.5.1 updater is available through the ";updates"; area of NI Service Center. This updater will also update your Kontakt Player to version 2.2.4, so there's no need to run that KP2 updater separately.

Hope this helps. Good luck with your new machine. Once you're moved in, you'll be loving it!
On a side note, if you migrate your hard drive, I would NOT migrate Finale...You'll avoid some possible authorization and odd behavior some people experience after a migrate over fresh installing.
I should have mentioned that earlier. Fresh installs are generally a more reliable option than migrating.
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