Computer can't find soundset under payback devices

I downloaded the VDL template and SoundSet 5.2.xml onto my Mac, placed it into a sounds folder under Sibelius 5 in my computer, but when I go to find it under soundset next to Kontaktplayer2 in the Playback Devices screen It's NOT there, only Sibelius essentials... Any help?

Sorry to hear about your ongoing troubles. I think you may be doing something wrong. To avoid confusion, I would suggest you write out every single step of your process so we can examine it here. My guess is that you're unknowingly missing something along the way. It's very important that you follow the steps to the exact detail. Please give the exact, step-by-step scenario of what you're doing, including all Sibelius settings and maybe it will make it more obvious where the misstep took place.

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