Tapspace.com sports a new look

For those of you who link straight to the forum, please take a moment to look around our [url=https://www.tapspace.com]new site[/url]. We've been hard at work on it for quite a while and are excited to finally unveil it!

We're still working out a few kinks, but please let us know if you stumble upon anything that's obviously broken. We hope you'll find it a more cohesive way to get around the Tapspace website.

Nice job on the Web site Jim.  It flows nicely.
VERY  cool stuff Jim!
New site looks great!

Good Job Guys!
Looking good guys!

I've encountered a small issue with Firefox 3.0. The dropdown title menus at the top are occluded by the flash banner. The same thing happens with the popouts for the side menu. I've attached a screenshot so you can see what I'm talking about.

Also, probably more of a suggestion, but I tried signing up for the newsletter and there was no confirmation or any feedback in whether the submission was received or not.

Thanks for the compliments guys! Thanks a lot for finding some nasty bugs right off the bat too...geez!

Just kidding. :) Our testing hasn't been as thorough as it should have been, so I appreciate the quick heads up! That flash/menu issue is pretty nasty and it's being addressed, so hopefully you'll see a fix for that soon.
Wow, this looks slick.  Nice job you guys - very professional.
Thanks again for all the feedback guys. For those of you who reported problems with the flash banner and drop-down menus, please re-check this by:

1) restarting your browser or computer
2) clearing cache
3) visiting tapspace.com and checking function

We think that most browsers should be happy now, but any extra feedback we can get from y'all will be helpful. If you are seeing problems, please let me know what OS you're using and the exact version number and brand of your browser.

Thanks again!
Looks better on Firefox 3 and Safari 3.

New site looks great here in IE 6.0. Not sure if it is related to the new site or my work network, but it seems a lot slower to load than before. Anyone else seeing this?

Thanks Derek!

There's certainly a lot more going on under the surface of the new site since it's more application-based than just straight up HTML. Perhaps there is a slight extra bit of delay, but it hasn't been anything we've found as unusual in our testing.
Very cool guys!
looks great!  Clean and functional- I like that the graphics are a more uniform size.
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