sibelius 3 problems

I just got Virtual Drumline 2.5 and I have spent a great deal of time just trying to hear the sounds let alone having them play through my score. 

I have done the virtual midi cable.  I have downloaded every update I could find.  I have set everything in the Audio/midi setup.  I changed the device in sebelius.  Basically I followed all of the steps in the user guide.

Specifically I am trying to play a score I wrote before I got virtual drumline.  It is for 4 marimbas and two vibraphones.  One of my questions is is it possible to play a score that was not written in the virtual drumline template.  I have set the channels and devices in the mixer but I still don't get any sound during playback.

Also I tried to copy and paste some notes from this score into the template but I still got no sound.  In fact the first couple of times this crashed Kontakt player.

In an unrelated question.  Is there anyway to just listen to the sounds through Kontakt player.  When I press the keys on the keyboard at the bottom of Kontakt player a light flashes in the red box below the word purge but I hear nothing.  I don't know if this has anything to do with the other problem.

I have Mac os x leopard 10.5.5, Sebelius 3.1, kontakt 2.24, VDl 2.5.1

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I'm not sure about compatibility between the VDL template and VDL 2.5.  If I remember correctly, the template for Sibelius 3 was made for VDL version 2.0 - I don't know if this template will be compatible with VDL 2.5.  Technically though, you should be able to get sound out of VDL 2.5 by routing midi through your virtual midi cable.  But, when you described the Kontakt player crashing, it immediately made me think of a midi loop. 

Check the following:

- Open the Kontakt player
- Click ";Options";, then click on the ";Audio Engine"; tab
- Click the button/box next to ";Open Audio & Midi settings dialog";
- Next, click the ";MIDI"; tab.  [i]This is important:[/i] Make sure whichever virtual midi cable you are using to communicate between Sibelius and VDL is set to ";ON"; in the ";Input Devices"; section.  Then, [b]make sure the same virtual midi cable is set to ";OFF"; in the ";Output Devices"; section.[/b]  This will eliminate the midi loop.

You can also reference the link below.  Another person experienced a similar problem with similar software versions:

If you already know all this, please describe your problem a little more in depth (including specifics on which instrument is routed through which cable & channel, & what your input/output settings are for Kontakt & Sibelius).

Keep us posted on your status.
Not the midi loop.  I checked this. 

I have tried some new things and feel I am closer to fixing the problem.  Here is the current situation.

In Kontakt player I opened marimba rosew med (MW) four times as channels 1, 2, 3 and 4  Then I loaded vibes med (MW) twice as channels 5 and 6.  Then in sebilus in the mixer I set each marimba as channels 1,2,3 and 4 respectively and each vibe as 5 and 6.  When I press play in sebilus I see the blue line progress as well as the time, but there is no sound.  When I click on Kontakt player while subelius is still playing I can see the keys on the keyboard moving and the red box under purge lights up for what ever instrument is playing in sebelius.  So I can tell that the information is being transfered between the two but there is no sound.  Just to clear up any duh remarks I did check and the sound is on full on my computer not mute.  Let me know where to go from here.
Okay - so the problem is within your Kontakt player.  Try this next:

Open your Kontakt player & [i]do not load any instruments.[/i]
- Click ";Options";
- Navigate to the ";Load"; tab
- Find the box next to ";load instruments / banks / multis in ";purged mode"; (without loading samples into RAM)";.  Make sure the box is unchecked.
- Click ";Close";
Now try loading an instrument and see if you have sound by clicking on a highlighted key in Kontakt.

I found this information in a thread from Kontakt Support titled ";I have no audio output from Kontakt";.  It has a more detailed explanation.  (you will need to login)

Was that the culprit?
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