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I recently ordered VDL 2 and the supplier accidentally shipped me 2.5.  I am using the last edition of the G4 Powerbook (1.67 G4 processor) and the latest version of Sibelius IV.  I noticed that the system requirements for 2.5 are the intel processor and Sib V, but the supplier is telling me that 2.5 will work fine.  Is this the case?  I am not so worried about having the latest version of VDL, but a super slow, bogged down, computer running Sib IV and VDL does worry me, hence my reasoning for 2.0.  Can you help me?
You guys are fantastic and thanks for everything you do for the percussion community!
(BTW, my computer has plenty of HD space and is maxed out w/ 2gigs of ram, if this matters.  I think the only issues are the processor and sib V)
Hi Mark,

You are correct that your computer may pose some limitations at some point, however there is no reason that VDL 2.5 will bog you down more than VDL2. If anything, it should work better as the Kontakt Player 2 software is much more streamlined and refined in how it handles disk streaming over the older player that shipped with VDL2.

So you're definitely in better hands with 2.5. You may find the limitations occur if you're trying to play back larger scores with lots of polyphony (multiple voices occurring simultaneously), but there are Powerbook G4 users that are indeed getting reasonable results with Sibelius and VDL 2.5.

For the record, VDL2 has been completely discontinued anyway. So if you purchased from a retailer advertising VDL2, it's probably a mistake in how they're naming the product. Can you let me know where you purchased it so we can notify them of this detail. That may have been part of the initial confusion.

Good luck!
Thanks a ton for your quick response.  One more question...
Am I good to go with Sibelius IV or do I need to upgrade to V?
The supplier was [u]Kelly's Music and Computers[/u]. 
Once again, thank you.  You have been a huge help and a gi-normous inspiration for me the last 14 years. 
(I like Saturdays during the fall because I hear your College Football spot 17 times.)
No problem Mark! And thanks for the kind words. :)

You'll be fine with Sibelius 4. Of course, you won't have the option to host VDL directly inside Sibelius as a plug-in, so you'll have to run Kontakt Player 2 in stand-alone mode, run Sibelius 4, then connect them to each other via a virtual MIDI cable. It's not as convenient as Sibelius 5, but it works well. If you do decide to take the Sibelius 5 plunge, your machine may be able to keep up to a limit. You should definitely check the recommended system requirements for Sibelius 5 if you want to feel certain about this, but I do know people have worked this way on G4's still. It's just probably not the optimal scenario depending on your needs.

Thanks for the heads-up about Kelly's. We're checking into it now to avoid future confusion.

Thanks again Mark. Enjoy!
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