Setup with Finale 2009

Using page 18 of the ";getting started guide"; I have downloaded the Finale template into the Finale VDL folder. When I open it I do not have a ";midi menu"; that step 4 says to open. What am I doing wrong?
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Hi swright - the MIDI menu has changed slightly in Finale 2009, but the functionality is essentially the same.

In Finale 2009, you'll use the [b]MIDI/Audio[/b]menu.

In this menu, you'll want to make sure to activate (with a checkmark) [b]";Play Finale through VST";[/b] (or [b]";Play Finale through Audio Units";[/b] if you're on a Mac).

To activate an instance of the Kontakt Player plug-in, you'll again use the ";MIDI/Audio"; menu and go to [i]Instrument Setup/VST Instruments[/i] (or [i]Instrument Setup/Audio Unit Instruments[/i] on Mac).

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