Roland SPD-S Sampling Pad and VDL?

Hey Guys,

I tried a search on transferring samples but I couldn't find the answer to my question:  Perhaps someone might be able to help please?

Is there a way to copy the VDL samples to a flash card or directly to the hard drive of the Roland SPD-S sampling pad other than the direct sample?  Because with a direct sample (recording the sound from my mac to the SPD-S as its played back) does not sound very good.  Also, is this legal?


Hi dk,

Re-recording the samples to be used in a different sample playback device is not allowed per the VDL licensing agreement. Also, copying the samples to another disk for use in a player other than KP2 or Kontakt 2+ would not be legally allowed either.

I don't know the exact specs of the SPD-S, but if it has a midi-out capabilities, you could route midi-in to your Mac where KP2 would act as your sound module with the pad basically acting as a trigger. Using VDL sounds in this manner would be perfectly within the parameters of the license agreement.
Thanks for the info Jim!

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