VDL Percussion Map Fix in Finale 2009

Can anyone tell me how to use the the link provided in Finale Support that will fix the problem with VDL Percussion Maps in Finale 2009? The link is VDLPercMapFix.lib. It is supposed to be downloaded into the LIBRARY after it has been placed into LIBRARY Folder in Finale 2009.However, after following all of the directions, it will not allow you to select it to be loaded.

As it is now - the notes entered do not appear in their proper locations on percussion staffs.

Thanks for any assistance!
I forgot to mention that I am using the following:

Mac G5
Mac OS 10.4
VDL 2.5
Latest version of the VDL Finale Template
Finale 2009
1. If you update Finale to the 2009b version, that download from the Knowledge Base is no longer needed.  The B update installs those maps.

2. That set of maps is not for VDL 2.5.  Finale 2009 includes a limited set of sounds from VDL that are fractions of what the full instruments can do in VDL 2.5.

3. If you are using the Finale Templates, you have all the maps you would need to get going with 2.5.

Thanks for your help. I am using Finale version 2009b, and I wish to use the full version of VDL 2.5 (as opposed to VDL Lite).
Perhaps I need to reinstall 2009b?

1) Open the template
2) Select the Staff Tool
3) Double click on a measure in the Snare Staff
4) Next to Notation Style, 'Percussion' should be selected.  Click 'Select'
5) The Map ";VDL2.5 Snareline Manual Full/Lite (MW)"; should already be selected in the Percussion Map Selection box.  Click 'Edit'
6) Place a check next to 'View only Named Notes'
7) Under ";Notes to use for snare";, press 'Use All Named Notes'
8 ) Press Done, Select, then OK
9) Go to MIDI/Audio Menu and make sure there is a check next to ";Play Finale Through Audio Units";
10) Go to MIDI/Audio Menu-> Instrument Setup -> Instrument List
11) Take note of which channel ";Snare"; is set to (should be 1)
12) Go to MIDI/Audio Menu -> Instrument Setup -> AU Instruments
13) Load Kontakt Player 2 for Finale Channels 1-16 and click Edit
14) Click the ";Instruments"; dropdown menu on the VDL 2.5 Module in the KP2 and select the Snareline Manual (MW) instrument (Drumline Battery -> Snares -> Snareline Manual (MW).  Make sure the Snareline Manual Instrument is set to Channel 1 in the KP2
15) Select the Simple Entry Tool, select a quarter note (#5 on your numeric keypad) and press G#5 on your MIDI keyboard to enter a Right Hand hit on the Snare staff

Do you get a note & playback for a RH snare sound on the A space on the staff?

If so, apply those steps to the rest of the map based instruments that you need.

THANK YOU! It seems your steps #6 and #7 were somehow not done when the VDL Finale Outdoor Template was created because clicking on those two items did the trick! I don't believe I had to do that when using the VDL Finale Template in Finale 2008.

Thanks again!

Mack Daddy2
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