Suspended Cymbal Playback Problem

Okay, I think I've searched all of the documentation and the Forum to the point where I cannot find the answer. And, as always, it will be right under my nose.

I just switched from Marimba to Sus. Cym. and when I enter a ";Loud Hit with Mallet"; all I get is a Fat Choke. No manner of humoring the note through all the usual tricks is yielding the proper result. I've checked the mapping diagrams several times and it looks like I have the correct notehead, etc.

Any thoughts or is this happening to anyone else?

Are you looking for the correct playback or the notehead?
Correct playback. To the best of my knowledge the notehead is correct -- entered correctly from my keyboard.
Double check that the note in question is notehead 51, without any articulations added.

If that looks good, then there could be some added notes in the instrument's mapping causing problems. See: [url=][/url]

And if that's not it, I'll need to look at the sib file to figure it out. Send me a PM to find out where to send it.
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