WGI Percussion Rules Question

Is it legal to use ";sampled"; narration.  I mean you hit the sample pad then bam it says ";How are you doing today"; is that legal?!?  I understand that you can't use pre-recorded sounds for rhythmic intent, and I don't see how narration falls under that rule unless your doing a Bobby McFarren show!  I have seen some shows for sale that say ";need a sampler for narration"; but I thought that was illegal.

Can I get some further clarification on this?

Yes, as of last year you could use pre-recorded narration as long as it had no rhythmic intent.
As Bryan stated...

Rule 5.2 from WGI
";No single, triggered, electronic sound may produce rhythmic intent";

Other than that you are good. Dartmouth HS (1st PSW last year) sampled all their narration for their show.

Official rules can be found here:
and for those of you that are curious in ever-changing world of electronics in the activity... DCI just updated its rules regarding use of electronics. I stumbled across this:

At least now if corps are going to use narration they can use pre-recorded stuff instead of having some kid yelling YOWZA YOWZA or talking about how he didn't fit in in high school.

Steps in the right direction...
Hey! I didn't fit in high school... That show SPOKE to me...
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