WGI Percussion Rules Question

Is it legal to use ";sampled"; narration.  I mean you hit the sample pad then bam it says ";How are you doing today"; is that legal?!?  I understand that you can't use pre-recorded sounds for rhythmic intent, and I don't see how narration falls under that rule unless your doing a Bobby McFarren show!  I have seen some shows for sale that say ";need a sampler for narration"; but I thought that was illegal.

Can I get some further clarification on this?

Hey! I didn't fit in high school... That show SPOKE to me...
At least now if corps are going to use narration they can use pre-recorded stuff instead of having some kid yelling YOWZA YOWZA or talking about how he didn't fit in in high school.

Steps in the right direction...
and for those of you that are curious in ever-changing world of electronics in the activity... DCI just updated its rules regarding use of electronics. I stumbled across this:

As Bryan stated...

Rule 5.2 from WGI
";No single, triggered, electronic sound may produce rhythmic intent";

Other than that you are good. Dartmouth HS (1st PSW last year) sampled all their narration for their show.

Official rules can be found here:
Yes, as of last year you could use pre-recorded narration as long as it had no rhythmic intent.
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