Roll Lengths in VDL 2.5

Hey tapspace  users, im relatively new to VDL 2.5 but i have it down pretty good. But theres been something that has been bugging me and i was wondering if there was a way to fix it. In the template, vdl comes with multiple roll/cres/decres lengths but alot of the time none of them fit the particular part. I was wondering if there was a way to control the lengths of these. I tried to find other posts on this but they were all couple  years old so I was wondering if this problem has been fixed?
In short, no, those samples are as they are.  The only rolls of whose length you can control are those that are sustained.  Generally, you can position them accordingly to get the desired effect then notate it the way you would like it to look after all recordings have been made... or you could reverse the process and notate it properly first and tweak the starts of the samples to get the desired playback.

Hope this helps.
thanks for the response! I will probably have to do what you suggested. I saw somewhere that you could add notes and then hide it so i might look into that. thanks again
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