I'm having a lot of trouble making a marching show piece with VDL

I'm the battery writer for a school, but im having problems writing for it.
The composer that writes all the wind instruments sent me the piece so i can write the battery for it. But because of the fact that i have to use the VDL template to write battery, I cant use VDL when I open the piece he sent me. PLEASE HELP! =[

I'm using Sibelius with VDL 2.5
Are you saying that you need to put the battery parts on the same score as the wind parts? If so, here's what you do:

1. Open up the VDL Template. In addition to adding your battery instruments, add the wind instruments the composer wrote for.

2. Open the wind score you were sent. Copy and Paste the wind parts into the Template.

3. 'Save as' and give the file a new name.

In the future, you can save yourself a little bit of a headache by having your wind writer do his scores in the VDL Template. Then when you open them, you can just add the battery instruments you need.

I hope that answers your question.
that makes alot of sense.

Thanks a lot bro!
Saved my life.
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