Drum Corps Audition Videos

If you haven't seen this guy... wow...  I don't even know how to describe it.


Basically it's a bunch of video auditions that result in him getting cut.
That is hilarious. 
The latest. This one has some serious cinematic value. I smell an Oscar.

OH man!  Those are funny.  The best part is when he falls at the beginning...hilarious.  Thanks for sharing guys. :O)
The Cadets one is pure genius...Especially the right foot lead mark time on piano.

I think my favorite is the Blue Stars audition, where he tries out for the bicyclist spot.
My fav is the BD one.... with the Charley Chaplin stuff. The shot of him coming down the elevator is freaking hilarious!!!

I about lost it when it showed him with all those pads.
Hate to make a plug, but I thought this would be worth sharing. I've been working with Banished to put together a good music and recording resource for his Circle of Life Cadets video.

There's the score (downloadable), a polished VDL recording with the Hans Zimmer recording, and battery only and snare only tracks to play along.


Hope you guys enjoy.


Haha, I'm so using ";Soul Reaping"; and ";With supreme animosity"; as technique defination in a score.
I laughed out loud in my computer class with ";Spine Ripping!!";

Wow. I was a little down yesterday after my Dequarvin's Tendonitis flared up, but these videos cheered me up:)

Now, I've been out of the DCI community for a few years and I feel like I'm missing a few of the inside jokes here....

For example, what's ";fold";?  And what's the deal with pad stacking? I mean I've stacked 2 before just to listen to a different sound while I'm practicing something repeditive, but is there some other useage of this? I'm just trying to figure out if there was some inside reason why this dude parodied the concept with like 12 pads :P

Future audition video idea, the chick from the madison show a couple years back :)
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