Sibelius 5.2 - can't change click track device setting

My current playback config has 3 instances of Kontakt Player and one DLSMusicDevice instance for synth parts.  Sibelius currently has the click track using the DLS device for playback.

When I open up the mixer & click on the device dropdown for Click it gives me the option of KP1, KP2, KP3, or DLS, but whatever I choose it stays stuck on DLS. This is keeping me from using the VDL metronome samples as a click, and I'd definitely prefer that to woodblocks.  Just wondering if anyone else has ran into this. 
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The Click track has two sound IDs assigned that tell it what sounds to use. Since there are [i]only[/i] two IDs, Sibelius will use the first instrument listing in a sound set (XML file) that fills the requirement. My guess is that Sibelius finds what it thinks it needs in your DLS sound set first and doesn't look any further than that.

So, go into the Mixer, scroll down to the Click track and choose ";Settings";. Change the two sound IDs to match what you want in the Metronome instrument in VDL. Other than that, I recommend that you always have your devices set to (auto).

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