More iPhone Apps

1. Practice

2. Flash Notes

3. Beatmaker

First two would be great for the kiddos, while beatmaker might be cool for us (although it costs like 20 bucks).

Check em out!
Hey Ralph -- have you seen the four channel recorder app you can get? I think it runs $15 or $20. I have no practical use for it, but I'm sure someone out there has already commented on it's supremacy to sliced bread.
Yeah dude, I saw that but wasn't willing to shell out the cash for it as of yet:)

I messed around with the Flash Notes a lot last night, it's perfect for your beginners to get over the note naming hurdle.

Also, check out RhythmLite. Shows a rhythm in notation that you tap the screen to as it plays along. Once you figure out the timing (like on guitar hero) it's pretty cool too.

Ugh, these dudes sell these things for a flippin dollar and will probably make a cool $100 grand by the end of the quarter. B@$+@rds!

Can anyone give personal feedback on the BeatMaker app?

I've got BeatMaker. It is an interesting step sequencing app. The sounds are good considering the output is earbuds. Fairly straight forward to use and not difficult to figure out. The early version was a bit of a challenge to use but it has gotten much easier.

For any one else who is looking for iPhone/Touch apps, check out the iTM products. They have a keyboard, drum pad and mixer available.

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