Need Help With VDL 2.5 Sounds


I've purchased VDL 2.5 a while ago but didn't really had time to use it.Now I have more free time,and have read quite a lot about setups and stuff but it seems the more I read the more I get confused.

My question is : how do I get the real sounds of VDL to be heard with Finale?
Whatever I do,I always end up hearing the usual Finale percussion sounds which are ok but I want to hear the real thing,i.e the sounds of a real marching drumline.
I have Finale 2005 and 2007.

Thanks for your help.
Have your read the manual, forum stickies, and the FAQ page?

Hi J,

Thanks for answering me.

I've read the manual,forum & many faq.

Seems like my problem is connecting the two together,''talking'' to each other so to speak.I'm unfortunately just a novice in this field.


We need more information to help you in this new adventure.

Are you using a Mac or PC? Which operating system? Have you downloaded the correct Finale template for the versions of Finale you have available?

And, to ask again, did you read the VDL manual and the HOW TOS for your versions of Finale and your computer and its OS?


Hi Ted,

I use Win XP Fam.sp3
Pentium 4 CPU 2.93GHz
1.24RAM,SB Audigy Soundcard

The Finale templates look ok but I'll check this again.

Kontakt Player is used as a plug-in with VST format.While re-reading the User Guide,I came accross this paragraph which just might be where my problem lies??? :

''Whether you use Kontakt Player as a stand-alone application or as a plug-in, once you�۪ve set up its
audio/MIDI options (in the stand-alone) or instantiated it as a plug-in and properly routed MIDI and audio
to and from it, the program will behave identically with very few exceptions''.???


In the ";old days"; we had to use the stand-alone method with a virtual midi cable, but if you have Sibelius 5 or the last couple versions of Finale, you load the Kontakt player as a VST within the notation program. 
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