Glock problem

Hey all,

Its time to update my sig. New iMac arrived OS 10.5.6), with some other stuff.

Installed Sib (5.1...I know I know. I updated to 5.2, but I don't like change and reverted), and VDL2.5.1.

Used the downloaded VDL intaller, copied files etc. Everything is cool on my old scores except the glock. I get the ";Files Missing"; pop-up. New files I create w/ glock do the same thing.

When I delete the Glock staff, no pop-ups. Also, on my old XP machine, the same files ran perfectly.  I can also manually load the glock sounds in to the slot, and try them with the mini keyboard in KP2.  Is it a House Style thing? A Sound Set problem? An XP to OS X thing?

What did I do? Thanks for your help!


This is just a shot in the dark, but have you tried loading a fresh copy of the VDL 2.5 Template and Soundset to see if maybe there's something wrong there and somehow something got corrupted?
In addition to Bryan's suggestion (which may be a good bet), be sure you've selected the correct sound set from within the ";Playback Devices"; window. Don't use the one named ";Virtual Drumline 2.5";, but rather, the one you installed with your template.

Assuming you've installed the correct sound set, are using the correct template for your version number, and have selected the correct soundset within your playback configuration, you shouldn't see that error.
Thanks everybody for the help.

So, I just updated to 5.2 and am in the process of transferring my old files to 5.2 files w/ the new soundset and template. Everything is fine.

Ill file this in the ";forget this ever happpened"; portion of my brain.

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