User Demo posted - "Fight or Flight" by Derek Brodie

Hi gang,

Just a quick note to let you know we just posted a new user demo ([b]Vintage-2008-FightOrFlight[/b]) under the ";User Submissions"; tab on the [url=]Virtual Drumline page[/url].

From Derek (Mad Kiltie):
[size=8pt][i]This work was arranged for Vintage Percussion, a senior percussion ensemble based in the UK who compete in both the WGUK circuit in the UK and the CGN circuit in the Netherlands. 2008 was a particularly successful year with Vintage winning both circuits outright to become the 2008 European and British champions.

The show is called ";Fight or Flight"; and is based on Stravinsky's Firebird. This arrangement is the result of a collaboration between Phil Coulter and Derek Brodie, who reside either side of the Atlantic. Phil is based in the UK and Derek in California.

";Fight or Flight"; was sketched out in Finale 2007 & sequenced in Sonar 7.0.2. All instruments are from VDL2.5, with the exception of a vintage electric piano which is from Garritan's JABB.[/i][/size]

Thank you for sending this in Derek! There's some really great meat in here while still retaining a great sense of identity with the original. Kudos to you and Phil for a great job!

Enjoy! :)
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Nice job on the arrangement Derek.  I finally got the chance to listen without interruption.
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