Yet, Another Recording Problem

I recently bought what I'd hoped was an upgraded soundcard ensure I had ASIO as an interface device option but I was fooled.  What I now have in my system Creative's Sound Blaster X-FI Extreme Audio soundcard (with no ASIO option of course).  I read throught some of the forum feedback and found the option to download asio4all which works quite well in playback.  However, when using #1 SoundRecorder to record Sibelius playback with the asio4all device, I get an error code that says; ";WaveInOpen, the specified format is not supported or cannot be translated.  Use the Capabilities Function to determine supported formats.";

#1 SoundRecorder works just fine when I do not execute the asio4all interface device option.  It works when Sibelius is not open.  But it does not like the asio4all selection.  Is there some other maintenance action I should take when using the asio4all interface device with my soundcard when using #1 SoundRecorder? 

Hi Steve - I'm not sure what the best answer to your question is. Asio4all and #1soundrecorder are fairly low-level tools that may not be as reliable given what you're trying to do. Ideally, a soundcard with true ASIO capabilities will be best. If that's not an option, and #1soundrecorder isn't working for you, I wonder if you might look at trying a different application for recording. Have you looked into Audacity? It's free, and many folks have reported good results with it.
Yeah Jim, I hate to think that I'm going to have buy another soundcard (MAudio?) but if it has to be, it has to be.

Oh, I tried Audacity but I believe the lack of the ASIO interface device causes the same problem with that program.  It doesn't seem to ";hear"; the playback although I am going to play around with it a little bit more before I surrender.

I am presuming that the MAudio cards will work fine in my Dell?

Ultimately I thought I'd try the forum for a solution and if nothing else, no alternative here is telling me the only real alternative I have.

Thanks Jim!
I'm not completely sure, but it's possible that when you use ASIO4all as a workaround, you're only able to churn audio (with that driver) via one application. So having Sibelius sending audio out via Asio4all, may render asio4all unavailable within Audacicy (or any other audio program you're using). You may want to check with the folks who make asio4all, but that may be a limitation of that driver. If you learn any specifics through your process, let us know.

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