metronome sound question

Sibelius 5.2.5
5.2 template
Powerbook G4
Oxygen 8 keyboard

I have a score with concert snare drum,
xylo bright (lite), drum set (manual),
and metronome.

The metronome staff was selected from the
effects sounds. 

When I enter the metronome using D
on the keyboard I hear the sound.
When I go play it back it sounds
like a click, or the sound triggered by pressing C

The keyboard's modulation and pitch wheels
are where they are supposed to be.

Anyone have any idea why this is happening?
Hi Neal. That sounds odd. Can you check the ReadMe file for the 5.2 template and see what notehead is supposed to be assigned to the sound you're wanting to hear? I'm not in a place where I can check it, but it sounds like maybe somehow the notehead isn't correct. Not sure why it wouldn't have entered in correctly, but that'd be my first guess.

Also, can you verify that the ";click"; track in the mixer is set to ";mute."; It'd be worth making sure the sound you're hearing (or not hearing) isn't being confused with the sound being generate by the click track, but rather the staff you created for the metronome.


We're good to go.  It plays back properly.
When I click on the notehead it plays back with
a click, even though the notehead is correct and
has an accent.  When I play it through playback,
it plays back properly. Thank you!

Excellent. Glad to hear you're good to go Neal!
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